Saturday, May 10, 2008

Art Success

Well, I had a success with a great studio tour. I sold the Podospora vessel shown above and another piece and perhaps a third. Spring is always pretty good for me. It's like a full year of work pays off in a couple of months. We shall see what else comes about in the next few months. I will also be working on things for my favorite gallery...they are good to me and the sentiment is returned. After my latest gallery debacle I appreciate the good ones. I have some workshops scheduled. One is a felting explorations course and the other Nuno scarves. Check my website if you want more info. Bye for now...baking cookies even though I want to be in the studio, but kids won out this morning.


Kerry said...

Adrea!!! I just made an order at Acorn's Journey and decided to spend a few minutes at your art site as welland I am SO EXCITED by your podsphoria (think I got that right!!!!) sticks!!!! 6 years ago I did a series of storytelling sticks with paper mulch/clay wrapped pods much like those - I filled mine with nesting material and other treats for the birds and left them standing in split rocks in the gatineau hills to see how they'd weather - the sticks are still there, my pods have been emptied, for a couple of years they "talked" in the wind but time has meant the natural fiber rope I used to secure them has given way and the pods are on the ground now. Since I've gotten more into wet felting I've thought I should revisit the idea but never really did anything with it (my work has always had vessels filled with natural offerings showing up in them! - from painting hung outside with carved out areas where I'd smear berries and bird seed to delicate translucent beeswax pots filled with grain or honey. Anyhow I LOVE YOUR PODS!!

Kerry said...

Oh, if you haven't discovered her work yet may I suggest you look into a neighbour of yours - Laura Donefer - she's a glass artist and I think you'd LOVE her work - check out the older witch pots too.

Florderiscas said...

loved your work, congratulations on creativity!
I invite you to visiting me


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time to relax
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