Sunday, August 3, 2008

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Hello fibre folk,
My opening at Sandra Whitton Gallery went well. I sold two pieces from my "Womb Service" series, which I had deemed unlikely, at best. I am amazed how I can be true to myself creatively and things go my way. I also have 2 commissions on the go. One for a long time "patron" and the other for, well, another "patron"! I am blessed with having people that support my work with enthusiasm and even tell me I don't charge enough (how fabulous is that?!). I await response from Fibreworks, which I have entered. My piece was a challenge to photograph, so we shall see. I will post a photo here. It is not on my site yet as it is a bit "secret"! I had over 100 hits on my site the other day so try to keep some things under wraps a bit! Some teaching lies ahead so I will be preparing for that making samples etc. If you want to learn nuno scarves, I am your girl... well, I am now needed as "mom"...bye for now...Moi


Renee Nation said...

Hi Andrea,
Wow, very cool. I like the bumps on the side...very creature-like. Did you ever consider teaching at the Midwest Felting Symposium? You'd be great! And, yes, I'd love to learn nuno techniques, but I'll never get up your way.

Renee Nation said...

Oops, I should have commented on your "in progress" piece. That is what I was admiring.

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