Sunday, February 22, 2009

What's up

Hello! Today after I made a 4x batch of chocolate chip cookies, I headed into the studio to finish a piece for the Kingston Fibre Artists exhibit which will hang on Friday. I am excited to see the show and what all my fabulous "peeps" have been up to. It's funny that we meet every month and conduct business and the occasional peek at one anothers work, but what I will see is a complete mystery. Those who have seen the work I plan to hang have just said "weird". I purposely don't share my new work ahead of time or I tend to second guess myself. Last time I had a really "weird" piece, it went on to win an award, so I keep reminding myself of that! I do have concerns however that the piece is a little too sculptural to hang on the wall and the keepers of the space will think it sticks out too much. We shall see! I can easily make an adaptation (that invloves breaking part of it...but what are you going to do!)
I will be hearing if I made it into "Masterworks East" the first part of the week, but I have a good feeling. I will attend an opening reception for the show in Ottawa on Saturday and a conference on Sunday. I am looking forward to it! I am meeting up with artist friends Carolyn and Jane. so I won't be solo! I'm suddenly feeling footloose and fancy free...I actually think I don't have work for an exhibit to do...I have one in September, but I think until then, I can just play in the studio and plan for my upcoming teaching. I better check my book before I get all excited! Well, time to watch Nature on PBS with the family...then felting dreams!

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time to relax
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