Thursday, May 21, 2009

The last two days...

I have just finished a 2 day needle felted figure workshop at the Canadian Embroiderers Association Seminar. 20 wonderful women full of fun and adventure. I must say that my students were the envy of the seminar as everyone came in to see what we were doing. Great stuff, quick workers and close to home. A good 2 days. Tomorrow my day is full of catching up, mailing paperwork and registrations for kids summer day camps, meeting regarding selling Acorn's Journey (my business with my Mom), post office, doctor, bank, the exchange to send workshop deposits for my workshops funded by my grant!....whew. Can I fit it all in tomorrow and lunch with Mom at the Radisson? Oh, I think so! Tomorrow night is Market Madness at the seminar and I have students expecting supplies so Mom and I will be there. Saturday is Mayfair at the Mulberry School and mom and I will set up Acorn's Journey, hopefully for the last time at Mayfair. I am so busy with art stuff, I just can't do it all and be a Mom myself...the most important job ever.
S-t-u-d-i-o? week!!

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time to relax

time to relax
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