Sunday, May 17, 2009

Long Weekend

Sunday is here and tomorrow is a holiday. The kitty is lounging in my suitcase as it is currently empty. My next teaching engagement is here in Kingston, but I will have a busy week. It is almost easier being away to teach as I can don one hat, no cooking, no shuttling children to and fro. Nevertheless, I am happier at home with my boys (most of the time!).

I will be at the Embroiderers Association of Canada's seminar teaching figures to a large group of 20. I will fit in some other things during the week like a quick coffee with my dear friend, Nicole and a meeting with my mother regarding the impending sale of our Waldorf education business. I will still sell fibre, but Mom and I are ready for it to go to someone who has the time to invest. It is such a gem of a company and I am somewhat reluctant to let it go, but it will free up some responsibility as well as result in doubling my studio space, which appeals to me greatly. I can then put in proper sink and other things (I want to cry at the thought!) I may even look into a safe way to establish an indoor dye area with proper ventilation. (Sniff sniff!). I need to do some soul searching and give my long term plan some thought. So difficult when as artists we are such slaves to the arts market (however that can be defined!) Well, I have procrastinated today to get some paper work done. I am one third of the way done and need to have it done by Monday! The studio seems way too far away. One more week and I am studio focused...I'm sooo ready to hit the wool!

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time to relax
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