Thursday, September 3, 2009

Full Swing. Life is Good.

Okay, I have been home a few days. I have napped in the afternoons without a shread of guilt. My bed bug bites are no longer itchy and are healing (Yes, fringin' bed bugs! Not in my house, thankfully) The boys are settled into the beginning of a routine and I am looking ahead!

I was downtown Kingston today making some deliveries and I had not recognized how much I need my Kingston connections. I love my "artist" community. My network is small, but I am so happy to have a handful of craft professionals that I can connect with. Just being "downtown" got my juices flowing ("downtown" in quotes as Kingston is not exactly a metropolis!)

I have completely accepted the fact I missed some entry deadlines. Although, when the catalogues come out, I am certain I will have a pang of jealousy. I am teaching a bit this month and have some schedules to juggle, but other than that I am ready for the studio. I will spend the next few days sketching and will begin the making for my solo exhibtion in March. I will keep you posted, you know I will!!

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time to relax

time to relax
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