Monday, August 16, 2010

Finished- Process

Done...see below for how I got there!

Note the foggy corner...dirty camera lens (oops). I think this one is my favorite. It's really funky.

This one is nice too (they all are, if I may say so!)

A bit 'o gently fulling

...4 scarves ready to full

I did roll by hand with an assitant for an hour before putting in the machine for a while. We actually had fun rolling. I was on one side of the table, my assistant on the other and a crumpled up towel in the middle and we rolled to each other back and forth over the towel, each keeping the roll for 5 rolls. We unrolled and re-rolled at 12 minute intervals (yes, random number, I know!) It went by quickly. The machine made lots of frothy bubbles and I think it was in the machine for 30-45 minutes (I did reroll it a couple of times.)

My pretty floor sweepings before I started felting. I like to keep a neat space!

Yesterday I completed the 4 scarves I had laid out (or "scarfs" as my son teased). I have a new Feltcrafts felting machine that had yet to be fired up, so while I was a bit apprehensive with these as it took a full day of layout and the investment in some wonderful materials, I decided to partially use my machine. I did hand roll for an hour before putting on the machine so things were already starting to felt. There are a lot of things stragically placed on these babies. They are all hand fulled which took a while one at a time. These will be headed to Belleville Gallery (or Bellevue as Chris says) Gallery ArtPlus
A lovely gallery with fine art and craft downstairs and up with more of a boutique upstairs.
Now to lay out more. I think I may try some all wool and play with some prefelt. So excited! How lucky I am that I can "play" and have a home for it :o)))). You know I will keep you posted.

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Teal said...

beautiful blog Andrea!
I love your art!
come by one day when you have a chance.

GalaFilc said...

Interesting results. You have a wonderful machine.

Linda Ruel Flynn said...

Beautiful! Those are scarves I would hang on the wall when I wasn't wearing them! Thank you for sharing.

Corina said...

the are very beautifull, lots of work but very nice!

vilterietje said...

Andrea, I'm fascinated by the way you lay your scarves. Very special.
You know hand folding is wonderfull, but I think a machine makes it perfect. Great work.

FeltersJourney said...

They are all wonderful Andrea! Those are beautiful silks that you use & put together into amazing designs. I can understand you being hesitant to surrender them to a machine...

Vanessa Yvonne said...

Wow I had never thought of using a machine do some of the felting - brilliant! Did you make it? I hope you know, you do stunning work, and are an absolute inspiration to youngsters like myself!

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