Monday, August 23, 2010

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Optim Fiber scarf (see entry below for details!)

mmm, summer corn!!

perfect delicious little pods

After a week of driving kids here and there and a birthday thrown in, it has been difficult to get any studio time. I did, however, make it to a neighbouring little town to meet up with feltmaker and wool supplier, Maureen Harding (dreamspin fibres). Maureen brought me two wonderful Tunis fleece and a big bag of beautiful tomatoes that I have been snacking on with a bit of salt and pepper. Nothing compares to homegrown food. Thanks, Maureen! I am endlessly inspired by food, no secrets here.
I have managed to lay out three "simple" scarves, rather than my usual collage scarves. I thought I would layout in only wool. Fall/Winter is approaching and I wanted to use my machine with more confidence. I did still roll some by hand, but with just wool and not all the silk, I was a little less cautious. One scarf was made with Optim Fiber (scarf pictured) from New England Felting Supply (NEFS). This is a fascinating fibre that is merino wool that has been chemically stretched to reduce the micron count. It lays out like silk (including some annoying static), feel like a soggy tissue when wet out, took a while to full down (50%), but results in a very silky scarf. I would compare it to a silk/merino blend scarf. It is lusterous, light weight, very drapable. I laid out three thin layers all lengthwise to retain the dyed colours as they were in the roving. Really beautiful. The handdyed roving I purchased was $7 an ounce. I do have some white as well that I see some shibori potential, for sure. The other two, just merino. They are ready to roll a bit more and full today and then I can get started on some more bags.

Summer is winding down and I wish we could continue with these lazy days. It has been difficult to see several felting events going on this summer that I have opted out of to stay home, but making the decision to do so this summer is with no regrets whatsoever. I think the kids are more ready to get back to school than I am to see them go...

For now, to the studio...

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GalaFilc said...

Nice scarf!

Hooked On Felt said...

Very lovely Andrea/

Maria Dent said...

I have awarded you a blog award. Please pop over to my blog to find out more.

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time to relax
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