Thursday, February 10, 2011


(OMG, this image makes me glad that kind of interview is not part of my life!)
I recently completed and interview for an on-line blog that you can see here: Blethering Crafts
Of course, there was lots more I now wish I had said and a couple of errors, but that is always the way. At least she asked some interesting questions. I have another magazine interview coming and so far they have asked about my farm...which I do not have, nor have interest in having. Hope she will be asking more questions. day today as I have realized this morning that I have a deadline very close! have a great day!

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Puddles of Hope said...

Andrea, I saw the link in the feltmakers list and I just loved this article. I often feel disorganized with my time but seeing how you worded it that it just takes time was wonderful. Your work is very inspiring.
Anna Katherine

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time to relax
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