Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dirty. Hairy.

Oh, I must enter a new post so I am not faced with that creepy interview image. This batt of Karakul is way nicer. Today is Saturday. Always full of promise, Saturday is. A day of no driving which entends my work day considerably. The coffee pot is bottomless. I remain in my yoga pants (more like my "I-really-should-go-to-yoga" pants) and my wool socks. I hope to spend the day in the studio making an art piece for a spring show. I awoke remembering I have a couple of gallery committments, but I can tackle those later in the week. And to the Karakul I say...
Go ahead, make my day.

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dandelion (Annette) said...

"I-really-should-go-to-yoga"-pants - I know what you mean *grin*

Have a nice weekend !

GRISCHArte said...

Enjoy your karakul day

vilterietje said...

yeah, go ahead:)

Lindy and Paul said...

I always feel the same about Saturdays, such promise! I can't wait to see what beautiful thing you create with that hairy fleece!

time to relax

time to relax
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