Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sifting Through


Noun: An act of sifting something, esp. so as to isolate that which is most important or useful

After weeks of preparing to teach, teaching and teaching again, I needed to attack the pile of papers on the corner of my desk reserved for important stuff. I was pleased (and displeased) to discover that some things that were important last week were no longer so important due to deadlines passed. There is also the realization that most papers on my desk are, in fact, impulsive acts of printing out exciting things in some fleeting and frenzied moment of inspiration.

I sorted the pile last night and vowed this a.m. to start at the top and get each task taken care of without distraction and did very well (pats back). My bags students will be happy to know that the notes for the class are on their way. My travel insurance is all up to date. Kids programs all cancelled or confirmed. I made some important business decisions, followed up and have some other things put in motion that I needed to do. Happy face.

With the Holiday weekend ahead, I can, with all good conscience, spend some serious time in the studio, hang with the fam and maybe even bake some cookies- the ones that require no sifting, of course.

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farmlady said...

Well, I'm just really proud of you.... and cookies too.
Have a very relaxing weekend.
Happy Easter/Springtime.
I love your work.

vilterietje said...

hope you get through your papers today, so you can enjy your easter holliday:)

martine said...

I cleared the kitchen side this morning (which acts as dumping ground for mail and suchlike) and dealt with some little jobs, funny how such things give you a wonderful sense of accomplishment. Now I can enjoy the bank holiday without that nagging feeling there was something important in the pile:-)
thanks for sharing

Andrea Graham-Artist said...


time to relax

time to relax
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