Monday, April 25, 2011

What I am up to...

Laying out a large piece for "prefelt" for a project. Went to open a new roll of the "same" wool to finish this layer to discover it was, in fact, not the same. Was short just a corner...substituted a suitable wool. No biggie, in this case

Layer 4 of layout for a sheet of prefelt (early a.m.!) Added the 4th layer because I decided I wanted less colour migration from the red/brown/orange layers. Still thin enough.

Did not intend to add this boring image, but now can't delete. So, here is me taking a shingle for layout (yawn)

after layer 3

2 layers!

Well, this is stage one of many stages. I have laid out the wool for a piece of prefelt that will become part of a larger piece. Today the plan is to felt it into a loose fabric. I will then, over days, truss it up to incorporate into a base of more wool.

I have other deadlines before this one, I am sure, but have yet to look because I am feeling motivated by this piece right now. Also, once I get the prefelt done, the next stage can be done in the evening upstairs with the family. When in the studio, I am totally detached from reality and family happenings which can be good and bad!

So now, the wool waits all laid out. It won't felt itself. Waiting for wet-out which, once occurs, I will not want to stop. So, tea break, a bit of purloined easter chocolate and I am off. I'll keep you posted.

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FELT 4U said...

Thats a big project. Do you ever sleep??

Lois said...

It's good to see your work in progress just to get a perspective on 'how big' 'how much' and 'oh wow!'

Looking forward to seeing some stages of the trussing!


Tracy said...

I love seeing the 'in progress' bits...that piece of felt is HUGE, I can't wait to see what it becomes.
Love following along, thanks for taking us with you ;)

vilterietje said...

very promissing:)

Andrea Graham-Artist said...

Oh, the 16 ft of prefelt become less than 6 ft after being "trussed"!

Tracy said...

The suspense ....

Megg said...

Any tips on how you progress thru the wet felting stage with something this large ?
I am in the middle of an even larger piece, that doesn't quite fit on my large table, except with some light weight extensions, which was fine for the pre-felt, but can't be used easily for wet felting part.
It is 2.5 m X 1.25 !
So far it has taken ages to just to wet and rub each side with a very tricky turn over.
I've been attempting to roll it on a 'Noodle' with Bubble wrap and shade cloth.
Think I'll have to stitch it in between fabric and try and fit it in the washing machine ???
Or go back to working on the floor of outside studio.
Thanks for any ideas...
Megg (from Down Under)

Andrea Graham-Artist said...

Oh, goodness...don't spend the time stitching and putting it in the washer and getting a poor result! Take your time on wet out. Roll it on a noodle/bubbles until it is holding together nicely, bunch up and gently knead, drop, roll on itself to maintain control.

Andrea Graham-Artist said...

Also Megg,
I am not using prefelt here, I am making it.

time to relax

time to relax
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