Friday, August 5, 2011

What's Up

"Svetlana"...still needs some accessories (by me)

I had a lovely small group of women here for 2 days making needle felted figures. As the studio tables are high and we wanted to be comfy, we all fit nicely around my dining room table. It was so nice to just feel like a group of friends gathering to sip coffee and have some fun. One of the advantages to having a small group was I dis not have to run around and actually got my demo sample ("Svetlana") mostly done, which does not usually happen. All the women have taken workshops with me in the past and we have crossed paths over the last few years, so it was really a joy.

yesterday we did some family make up time and zipped around on some go-carts and drank slushies that dyed our tongues blue...ya' know, the things we just need to do in the summer. Today will be a bit of work, of the paper variety (argh), a bit of play and then, who knows.

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Anonymous said...

Svetlana is a hoot! What fun!!

Unknown said...

we want to come to your house.

love love love the dolls.

ps BIG CONGRATS on your publications in 500 felt objects.

time to relax

time to relax
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