Sunday, August 14, 2011

I need al list for my lists...

Yes, I am a list maker. I always have a grocery list on the go, but this week the list making is completely outta hand. Packing list (Felters Fling countdown!), studio to-do list, drugstore list, school supply list, school clothes list. I need everything from hair colour to boys underwear and just don't know where to begin. My instinct tells me to make a list of my lists, which is ludicrous, but just might be the best plan of attack.

I managed to pack some things in the studio yesterday and felt a small piece to send to a show in B.C. for a group show with my fibre group "Connections". It is really a departure from my work as it has stitching on it for surface design. The theme of the show is "Pentimento", so I needed to add more depth and visual "layers". I now have to task of mounting it, the case for my completed pods also. Crap...I need to start another list. I'll keep you posted!

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Brittan said...

i am a big time list maker. sometimes i feel like i can't get anything done if i don't make lists, or am very scattered if i don't make lists!

artybecca said...

I'm a big listmaker too! If it's down on paper, I don't have to remember all the "to-dos", I just have to remember to read the list. Much less stressful that way!

Andrea Graham-Artist said...

I like to add things to my list that I have already done just to check them off ;o)

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time to relax
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