Sunday, September 4, 2011

What's up...

Ahh. A clean slate. After the flurry of berets and scarves I am getting ready for Toronto (and bags to come) the studio is all ready to begin again. I am not one to display images of inspiration, or incomplete work. I like to focus on the work at hand without things staring at me.

4 of the 6 berets I have completed...I thought I did not make hats. I have to admit, these were fun. Felted super fast with some fabulous short fibre merino batt from New England Felting Supply.

all 6. I had a plan to make them relatively conservative. so much for that ;o)

Spikes clipped up to dry. Love the colours in this "strata batt" short fibre merino with some silk fabrics and fun stuff. I am looking forward to making some bags next...6, I think and then a couple more scarves or a wrap. I'll keep you posted (FYI, I answered a question from Fiona about my tables that some of you might be interested in the comments of my last post)

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wollkisterl said...

This are wonderfull things. Good luck in toronto.
lg Elke

vilterietje said...

i simply love your berets!!! one looks lovelier than the other and very wearable:)

Unknown said...

Amazing colours.

Andrea Graham-Artist said...

Thanks, All. I hope they are wearable...I tried not to get too wild, but they are sun fun to make funky. Good thing they are headed to Toronto where the funky folk shop.

Hedwig Schumacher said...

wauw...they are so nice and fantastic!

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time to relax
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