Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What's up...

Well...I have been felting everyday for a few weeks and I am sad to say, it has finally reached the point that I must give my hands a couple of days break. I will try plastic bag on hands, but I am such a "hands-on" felter, this will be difficult for me! I have too much to do to not be in the studio.

laying out a new bag (the one that finally did in my hands) in pure Pelsull.
Some fun buttons I bought at the Fibrefest near Ottawa last weekend. Polymer clay...for what, I am not sure!
even threads on my table inspire me.
my last piece for the "Seeds 3" show...okay, these shots will be in weird order (sorry) The above is me fulling. I like to full on a towel. I has "tooth" and I am also so ready, at this point, to get rid of wet plastic.
detail midway though felting
the piece has just been wet out and pressed flat. I then cover it with very thin plastic and then wet that so my hands glide over the plastic and I can get a skin on my piece before I am "hands-on"!!
The completed piece. In "real life" the yellow centre is not as prominent, but blends in nicely. I did something interesting you may find cool too. Note how the bottom has a dark band. My entire back layer was dark brown, but around the bottom was natural brown karakul which migrates like crazy and can eat up a surface design. I used this attribute to my advantage knowing it would give shading and texture across the bottom. Amazing stuff. Knowing your materials means freedom!!
ready to wet out!!
dry layout...
"Phillip" at the fibre fest. What a cutie!
a beautiful day in the mill town of Almonte...perfect place to meander and look at fibre things!!
wetting out.
Goodness these loaded in a strange order. I will have to figure that out, or at least how to move them!!
Next on the agenda is doing some layout for more pieces for the Guild Shop in Toronto. Mailing things out to 2 shows. I am also getting set up to teach by webcam...so exciting. This will be set up in the next couple of weeks. Oh, and you know I will keep you posted!!

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Lindy and Paul said...

Nice photos, would love to see the final piece! I'm a button hoarder, too. I have SOOO many, but it's nice to be able to head to my stash for special projects, and I always seem to find what I need. Thanks for the "shading" tip, have a great day Andrea :)

FeltersJourney said...

Oh Andrea your poor hands.. they look so sore! I found an all natural handcream last winter which really helped mine - had no nasty chemicals in.. I hope they get better quickly for you.

Your work, as always, is absolutely stunning!

Deborah x

Rayna said...

Oooh! Love that button with the bright green center...I might have to make some buttons here soon...

ThatFuzzyFeeling said...

I have only discovered your blog recently, and I'm in awe of your absolutely gorgeous felt work. I hope your hands heal soon, I am also a hands-on felter (and gardener) and just cannot do with the gloves, but it looks like you may need to take emergency action!

cedar said...

Ouch!!!!!!!!!! I feel for you

Deb said...

Gosh, your hands look incredibly sore - I have only broken skin once while felting, and it took a few days to recover...I hope you have a quick healing. And the new piece is gorgeous, like all of your work!

Ginny Huber said...

-Wow. Beautiful - and I love the way the karakul migrated! Here's to healed hands Re:picture loading-on my blog they always seem to load backward so I have to put them in in the opposite order...but obviously you haven't had that happen before..

Andrea Graham-Artist said...


Mrs Minton makes... said...

Wow! fab blog! Love your felt work its stunning!

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time to relax
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