Tuesday, April 17, 2012


A few of the sculptures created this weekend by Jenn, Elizabeth, (me), Carolann, Annette and Evelyn (KiKi and Kris were still working!)

I had a great several days in Massachusetts at my favorite place to hang out, New England Felting Supply. I taught 4 women bags (not to be confused with 4 bag women) with 3d elements and then 7 for "pods". The days flew by and I was happy to have people from St. Louis and Virginia and neighboring states. I love for people from all over to get the chance to see the amazing store and spend some time with me. I am a lucky feltmaker!

Now that I am home I have a couple of days of downtime. Today consisted of catching up on some correspondence, looking over a contract and completing a supply list, some household stuff and a quick nap before the kids pick-up routine brought me back to Mom duty.

Tomorrow I will unpack my materials and get the studio set up to begin some work. On the weekend I have a web class, but hope to get in a bit of "me" time in the studio before then if I can get the dreaded tax stuff photocopied and ready for the accountant. Yuck! Sorry for the lack of entertaining quips and witty banter in this post....I'll make up for it later.

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Unknown said...

I am delighted with your work. I like that for you is not only felt scarves. I dream of training with you. :) Regards Catherine

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time to relax
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