Saturday, April 28, 2012

What's up?

 My pieces from I AM WATER (image by Chris Miner)

 Some new pods in conference

 Nudie Dance commission (I did a series of these years ago)

The Gang (several of whom are headed out this week to the Canadian Guild of Craft)

The "I Am Water" show has come down, I had a great web student today, I completed a commission for a "Nudie Dance", which I have not done in a long time (but it was for a special friend!) and some happy, bright pods will be headed to Montreal next week. I have almost completed a gallery proposal (hubby needs to convert images). Monday I head to Toronto to pick up work at the Guild Shop. I have tons of inventory there and they are ready to swap some out. Lots to do. Having lots of fun along the way!

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time to relax
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