Friday, August 31, 2012

Web Cam class info!

As some of you may know, I have been doing some teaching by webcam. I had been thinking about it long before I actually began last fall and I wonder now why I did not do it sooner!

I thought, "Oh, I am not tech-savvy", "It will be weird", "How can I translate feltmaking without me having hands on". Well, it is way easier and better than I anticipated and have had over 30 students now with fabulous results (and several repeat offenders)

In any case, rather than having you all overcome trepidation in asking details, I thought I should share them HERE. All you need is a webcam, which is pretty standard on laptops (see the tiny little lens above your screen?) and inexpensive to buy for desktops (mine was $30). I use both to demo, but you only need 1.

1. Email me regarding desired dates and what subject matter you would like to cover. I am really flexible and work days weekends and evenings. Accommodating time zones has not been a problem as we split the hours for one "day" over 2 days. I have had no connection issues from anywhere in the world.

2. I will then send you a link to connect your webcam (so easy), a materials list to have ready, and a paypal invoice to be paid the week prior to our dates. One 6 hour "day" of instruction is $250. I find with the webcam, it is best to split this time over 2 days, for example 10-1 on Saturday and 10-1 on Sunday. This allows time for any homework between, a rest and time to think.

3.  If you like, we can connect briefly the day before to check in, or we just connect the day of instruction.

Pods and 3d techniques have been popular, but we can cover hats, vessels, bags, jewelry...I have lots of experience with a wide range of subjects. I can also be available for consultation at $50 an hour if you have specific questions regarding issues you are having or need some guidance.

Hope to hear from you...!

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Anonymous said...

Really cool this no stick in the mud stuff Andrea. glad it works so well.

Yvette said...

great Andrea! glad it works so well!

Kelci Price said...

The class was so great, and I learned a lot. This was my first experience using a webcam for this kind of class, and even though I wondered about doing felting virtually, it worked out wonderfully. I brought one of my pod creations to work today and have had endless compliments on how fun people think it is! Thanks Andrea.

Andrea Graham-Artist said...

So welcome, Kelci. It was a pleasure!

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