Monday, September 17, 2012

I'm Baaaack!

Beads ready to go. Findings? Where are you?

From little prop plane to...

...even smaller prop plane!

some of the pods made by my students (and me)
Tracey's fabulous hat made in Hillevi's class

My new felty friend, Tami.
Hello devoted blog followers. Are you still with me? It was been a lazy summer with my family and making lots of felt for Fall "stuff". I was also looking ahead to my trip to the Creative Felt Gathering in Michigan. What a great event! It was organized by the lovely and entertaining Jone (pronounced either Johnnie, or Yo-Na). She clearly holds this event for the joy of surrounding herself with creative, talented feltmakers. So generous, warm and easy going, she's a kind soul. It was a week that felt more like a vacation than work. The evening downtime allowed me to feel like I could re-energize rather than feeling like I was missing something. A few things were planned, but just enough.

I was happy to see many familiar faces from past teaching and other events and to meet some new people that I had only known from Facebook. The Lithuanian camp it was held at is a beautiful retreat with wildlife, a glistening pond and uncomfortable beds, as required by all camps. Just enough comfort and just enough rustic. Can you tell I loved it?

In any case, I am now home and settling into the routine of back to school finally. Ready to blog daily again. felt. create. I'm so excited, really.Of course more pods will abound. Perhaps some new forms...3D, for sure. Looking ahead to the next couple of years (hard to imagine) with teaching dates booking, show commitments...getting my ducks in a row. The week will be spent unpacking studio things, having a look at what I have to take to Toronto for the Guild Shop and finishing any odds and ends up to take. I have some beads made for bracelets and am awaiting the findings, am thinking about a few hats after inspiration this week from Norwegian, Hillive Huse, but we shall see. I will keep you know I will!

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Yvette said...

great to see you

Tami said...

Andrea! You are a very special person...thank you for posting my picture with the title of your "felty friend". I sure hope we meet up again...sooner than later. You were the best and I appreciate all the help you gave me. Big Hugs!

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time to relax
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