Friday, May 24, 2013


Hi All...
I will begin with this find out where they are going you will have to read to the end...

Oh, my! Things have been wonderfully adventurous. I have been a traveling fool and now that I am  at home I continue to feel the wanderlust. Where next? Where next?!

After Rochester, I managed to cobble some information together for a writer I was meeting in Montreal, visited one of my galleries and taught for 2 days for a F A B group of women that I now consider friends. Such a great time...can't believe I get paid to have so much fun.
Our workshop space...My hosts do costumes for TV and movies (how COOL!)


I love the urban graffiti vibe out the window.

Dinner with my friend Celine (I drank all her wine)

more work ;o)

While in Montreal I received the news that 3 of my sculptures have been acquired for the Claridge corporate art collection. This is an important collection and I am, of course, thrilled.
Now home, I have the next couple of months laid out making work. I made some more sculptures for Montreal...they can be purchased here: The Canadian Guild of Craft where the sculptures for the a fore mentioned collection were purchased. I will also have a solo show there in September 2015

So, if you find yourself in beautiful Montreal, you may see this in "person".
On another note...(Wah? More news?!) I will also be completing a commission of some sculptures from my new series. I will post images as they evolve. I will keep you posted. You know I will.

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Claire Phillips said...

I just love your mad creations as do my three children - they are felt fabulous! Cheers Claire x

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time to relax
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