Tuesday, May 14, 2013

What's New

The last couple of weeks have flown by. I had a fabulous weekend with my favorite feltmaker, Chris White, in my favorite venue, New England Felting Supply. My students made some amazing pods and we had lots of fun with a big group of 12. Always so much fun.

 quick scarf commission I fit in between things for a dear friend far away.

This past week I was in Rochester, NY with a private group followed by being hosted by the very professional Weaver's Guild of Rochester for a lecture and a 2.5 day vessels workshop. I had 15 (yes, 15!) students that were mostly either very new to felting or just flat out new. I had one with lots of experience, Marie, who was also my very generous host. I really had an amazing time and I just fell in love with Rochester. It helps that it is Spring and absolutely everything was in full bloom, unlike at home. It was raining petals everywhere...just amazing. I had been before for the opening of Fiber Art International and really love the vibe of the city...lots of old houses and giant trees.

I was treated to an 8 course Ukrainian dinner with some interesting folks, an intimate potluck with great conversation, and so many more little treasured moments. I have friends that tell me I should demand a hotel, and I know of other artists that do. Yes, you often do not know what to expect and it means for long days being social, but staying with a student host can really be the highlight of a teaching gig. This one was great all 24 hours of the day and, hey, I am a pretty social person!
Dinner under the fruit trees at Deb's
Deb's piece in progress.
The "Unlandscape" using the same technique. Perfect.

Now...on to workshop #2...
My lovely host, Maries door...Welcome!

While walking the doggie...lovely Rochester!

The vessel collection by my fearless students from the Weaver's guild of Rochester. Thanks, Ladies. You were so great!

Now that I am home, I have a statement to write... for a writer... for an upcoming feature in a major fiber publication (I'll keep you posted). This will feature all new work that will be kept somewhat under wraps until publication. I will give you snippits of my process, however.  I must plan and pack to teach in Montreal this weekend for a private group and try to make a couple of small pieces in between. too bad I need to sleep (and I do love my sleep!).

Well, I guess I better get a move on. I'll keep you posted!

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Teal said...

keep the good reading coming Andrea. Congratulations on great achievements. Cant wait to hear more!

Fiber Lingo said...

Loved the workshop in Rochester, you are a terrific teacher!

Claire Phillips said...

So inspirational - love the wonderful vessels - just fabulous! Cheers Claire x

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time to relax
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