Friday, September 27, 2013

Today's events...

The day began with waking at 4:00 (7:00 at home), per usual. back for a snooze and then the customary coffee consumption and visit with my house mate for the week, the super-fabulous Marjolein Dalinga.We had vowed an early night, but gave in to the lure of unanswered emails and idle gossip. Coffee at the turquoise sea-can out from of our hall was a given. The best latte EVER.

Then off to teach.Wonderful group (of course) and a three day pods class. 3 days for theis class is new to me and I am loving the freedom to be less bossy and the usual task-master. They have more time to play and I get to say "Yes" to my students. Loving it.

The day flew by, as they do, and Marjolein and I went for a little beach walk. I had my high boots on (of course) but we scaled fallen cedars and stepped over decaying seaweed, breathing in the Salt Spring air collecting shells encrusted with barnacles along the way, filling our pockets. Such treasures of inspiration.

We had a quick dinner at our "cottage" and back to the hall for the fashion show. A full house, inspired cello music and young bodies draped in some pretty stunning work entertained. I loved the visiting that followed. Lots of kind words and connections. I was a bit surprised to see the people I will be teaching for in Italy. Chatted with them and look forward to more tomorrow as they will stop by my studio and see what we are doing and have a further conversation. Now, things are quiet. I am wrapped in an old wool blanket with my wine and once I say "good night", I look forward to curling up with my book and a good nights sleep....

Good night.

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ShaunaArt said...

wonderful felt art works

Susan Farber said...

So thrilled to be on this adventure with you (via blog!)
Looking forward to hearing more.

time to relax

time to relax
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