Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Count down...

When booked, it seemed very "last minute"...6+ months notice for an exhibition and teaching at an overseas venue was unexpected...welcome...exciting.

I had a challenge in that I am preparing for a large joint show for January at the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum that has tied up any new work. So, it was agreed, that I would send what I could from some older, but still relevant, work on to Prato Italy. I have now found I CAN now take some new work, so hope I can please those who will travel to see me. 

I was asked if I could teach "fashion". Well, those who know me are aware that I have to ability to set broad perimeters. Hmmm, wearable sculpture? Perfect. I whipped this (above) up, inspired by the challenge.
With leaving on Monday looming, I am focused on my teaching and the desire to make to experience for my Italian students as positive as possible. I created this over the last couple of days...I will give my students instruction on sculpture on wire and also this form...The short fibre merino is like magic and will be our collaborator in this process. I hope that my students will be inspired by the material and the potential for sculpture.

I thank my model son for the use if his back to display my was called for to shoot this piece, so I thank him (and pay him handsomely)

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time to relax
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