Sunday, December 8, 2013


Hello All!!
Ahh, what does December conger up? Mistletoe? Sugar Plums?

Not for me...strange pods, organs, tubes, and lead....THAT is December in Casa Andrea!

I am so excited about my upcoming exhibition at the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum in January, I can barely contain myself. I love the space and my statement came together quickly...well, what seemed quick. This is work that has been percolating for some time and mulling over the concept and my conflict over the work was a struggle. I find this is so important in the process. From a few hours of stream-of-consciousness notes came a few sentences that sum it up. That took 15 a lifetime. That is the way it is, no? The statement for the new work is being previewed here...

"Transformation- Statement
Life cycles silently occur and often go without notice. We acknowledge these cycles at times of transformation which can elicit feelings from awe and reflection to unease and denial.  These transformations remind us of life’s dichotomy of persistence and surrender.  Whether we neglect or intervene, we are at the mercy of these processes.  In expressing these transformations utilizing humble materials and simple form, I seek to bring about these primal emotions we feel at these pivotal moments."

Following the tension comes a release and I am pleased. I am in a zone and feeling confident. Now I am feeling like there is not enough time...time to produce what is spilling forth. This process is so cyclical and I have learned to trust in the ebb and flow...the sloth and the manic production that follows those restless nights. I will keep you posted.

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time to relax
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