Tuesday, March 4, 2014

See You Saturday!


What a day. My work is usually made in the studio...completed in the studio. Yes, installation is involved but not usually any actual assembly. Today was a departure. Half an hour before I was ready to deliver work to the gallery for my show here: Modern Fuel

I had an email from the Agnes Etherington Arts Centre giving me permission to shoot the work in their pretty, pretty (did I say pretty?) atrium, so I had to switch gears, call photographer and beg (Daaave? can you come...tomorrrrrow?), change direction.

I spent 4 hours shaping steel wool and not much else knowing it would all be taken apart the next day to be relocated. It could not go by quick enough. My reward was playing with my mops! I like my mops.I like them for art, not cleaning, to be clear.

in progress!!

 I will now have to assemble the pieces twice in a short window, but I will 1.) have fantastic images and 2.) the experience of assembling once already behind me when I get to the Modern Fuel tomorrow!

I came home so frigging tired and wonder how my art friends that do this fly-by-the-seat-of-the-pants thing manage.Then again, I do it too. I  just do it in a different way. I am feeling upside down in the best way possible as it is these experiences that challenge us and confirm "you can DO this". I am not quite there and cannot wait until the a.m. when I can dig back in and make some art. life is good. I will keep you posted, always.

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Faded said...

Hugh effort and Great work. Wish I could attend.

time to relax

time to relax
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