Saturday, March 22, 2014

What's Gnu...

My goodness. Where do I begin?

 Last weekend I taught a 3D bags class at the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum. They have a wonderful workshop space and with the help of Kay(and Ray)  and Jean (and Michael) who organized and entertained me.

I love Almonte...really do. Also came home with a beautiful new teapot by Chandler Swain from the General Fine Craft Gallery (you can find my work there too!)

My New piece "Cleaning House" is getting some attention from curators and publications including here: Architect Annie Coggan "Chairs and Buildings"
Annie and I have quite a bit in common and I so appreciate her words and perspective.

last night I headed to an opening for an artist I greatly admire:
Dorothy Caldwell at the Art Gallery of Peterborough. Lots of fun and in as much awe of her work as ever.

In posting another video, I found this: My advice for artist. I did not even know I was being filmed so was so surprised. It was from 4 years ago, but I still stand by my advice.

Annie Dunning, Kevin Rodgers, Andrea Graham
Finally...a friend/writer/author/editor/ all 'round great guy and dad, Alec Ross offered to film me speaking about "Cleaning House". It was such a surprise he kept in the silly/hammy bits, but glad he did.

On Wednesday I depart for Yellowknife, but need to finish a proposal before I go. I will keep you posted!


Yvonne said...

Thanks for posting your inspirational artist advice video - and I enjoyed seeing and learning about your installation in the second video, too!

Unknown said...
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time to relax
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