Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Oh, faithful followers...I am so sorry. I have not been ignoring you, and being "busy" is certainly no excuse as:

a.) I am always "busy" (as we ALL are) and my blog is just part of what had been my daily routine and
b.) I really dislike when people say they are "busy" (hence the quotes!) It is said like a badge of honour when I think taking time to "sloth", on occasion, should be more valued in our North American culture.
omg...he is smiling. the. sloth. is. smiling.

 To be honest, I think it just fell from my routine and I need to add it back and I will now!! Thanks for your patience and for sticking around. So, what's up?...dear me...where to begin!

Since July I have been spending time with my boys after long absences this fall and early summer. What am amazing time of reflection on some great teaching experiences and meeting fantastic people and seeing beautiful places...the Rockies, the Alps, the Andes... I also spent some time getting reacquainted with my arts community and looking ahead.

The career of an artist must be in perpetual motion or opportunites are missed and deadlines pass. It can be exhasting and daunting, but so rewarding. Keeping on top of things when I feel like pulling the covers over my head pushes me and challenges me. So proposals and grant application are in the midst along with lots of art to make...

A couple of weeks ago a wonderful, much anticipated feltmaker that was scheduled to teach for New England Felting Supply was denied entry into the U.S. (such an ordeal!)  I am fortunate and privileged to be the holder of a visa that deems me an "extrordinary talent"...it is temporary, but valid currently and I took on the students that were happy for a last minute substitution.
  I had fantastic students in 2 landscape classes and managed to attend a fantastic chile roast with some of the best friends a girl could have

this is exactly what we looked like, but with salsa. I am Monica.

 Sooo...what is ahead. Well, I have an exhibition at the University of Dayton, Gallery 249, in Dayton, Ohio for the show, Fibers in Flux: Contemporary Perspectives/Traditional Processes

(my work will go, but not I) It would have been nice to coordinate a teaching event with the opening, but I am busy making more work. I will also have work in a show at the Mobilia Gallery in Cambridge, Mass. themed Seeds...these will go along with some new work (I will post images of the new work later...something to look forward to!)

 Then....I will be working on work for 2 (yes T-W-O) solo exhibitions next year...one in Verona, Italy (Yeah, you heard right...soooo happy to be going back to Italy!) and then in Montreal at the Canadian Guild of Craft. Lots ahead and I am so pleased to be sharing it with you all.

I'll keep you posted, as always...

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time to relax
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