Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Tuning in..

Hi All!,

I am hoping to convince you all to "tune in" (an antiquated expression in this age, for sure) and join me in a LIVE chat with Fiber Art Now as part of their show series FanFare. You can register and/or find details here
I will be live streamed from my studio to answer all (well, maybe not ALL) your questions and talk to you about my work and my practice. This event is sponsored by my favorite supplier New England Felting Supply What sets them apart is the wide range of products and it is stocked full just for us feltmakers. The owner and author of what has become known as the "felt bible", Uniquely Felt, is Christine White and she is so creative in her approach to keep us supplied with materials that inspire.
I have wondering where the days are going as I have been planning my Spring teaching schedule and getting art shipped out for shows at the University of Dayton and the Mobilia Gallery in Cambridge. I have some friends to catch up with, a trip to Boston planned and them I will be busy making work. I will very soon be updating you with the new teaching schedule and showing you bits and pieces as I begin some new, until then I hope to hear from you on Sunday afternoon!

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time to relax
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