Tuesday, October 28, 2014


The trip to Boston was fantastic and Andrea and I had such fun. The exhibition at the ICA was great

but the absolute highlight was a video piece by Ragnor Kjartansson. (above) A stunning piece with such beauty and curiosity.

We also stopped at the Mobilia Gallery thanks to our companion for the day, Marcia Young, of FiberArt Now magazine who arranged the visit and drove us to beautiful Cambridge. I have work there in a new show and it is a fantastic gallery. I fell in LOVE with the kinetic rings by Michael Berger.

Today I am working on a presentation I will be giving at the Modern Fuel Artist Run Centre alongside Kevin Rodgers. He is artist and Director of the centre and I look forward to hearing about his residence in Belgium. I will discuss how my travels will inform my new work..which is juuuust beginning, so discussing it tonight I think will allow me to consider the impact more fully. Even as I put the lecture together (Oh, yes...for tonight!) I will be developing these ideas. Kind of exciting.

I have set a schedule for myself that will encourage me to complete the required number of sculpture for my solo exhibitions in Verona, Italy in May and The Canadian Guild of Craft in Montreal in September. At this point, there are a whole lot of things crossed out and moved around and while I have the feeling time is on my side,  I know better. Time is fleeting and it is time to focus.

My schedule this week has drinks with friends, parent teacher meetings, art meeting and (more) drinks with friends. All this takes me from my studio space but I know serves as fuel for my creativity. I am a people person and need to be out with my people!

Always such a balance. I'll keep you posted...Now off to work!!

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Tatiana Barry said...

What a trip! Last picture made me smile, Andrea! Looking forward to your new work inspired by this lovely experience.

time to relax

time to relax
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