Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Back from Massachusetts

I am home from Massachusetts and have caught my breath after a busy 2 weeks. The washing machine is repaired and being stranded at home waiting for them to fix it was a blessing. After a bit of spring cleaning I can now look ahead to some time in the studio. I have a gallery meeting tomorrow (I was just called-don't know about what yet) and am volunteering at the boys school in the afternoon in my 10 year olds class. I had such a fabulous visit with Chris White. Honestly, she is an angel on earth, that woman. Her store is fabulous and if you need felting supplies you just must check out her place or go on line to her New England Felting Supply. I came home with some plant dyed organic finn, some churro locks and some C-1 blend to play with . Chris and I also conducted a little washing machine experiment that left us laughing so hard I could not breath...needless to say it will not be shared! I saw on a link that Chris is a felting "Sorceress". This is a fitting title as she treats felting like it. My students made wonderful things and I hope they continue as there was some real talent there. Fabulous job, women. I hope they keep in touch. I did check out my current show and I am not as displeased as I thought I would be with where and how my pieces were hung. I have also had some wonderful feedback and a sale so it can't be all bad. Well, time to read stories.

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time to relax

time to relax
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