Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Home from Massachusetts

I arrived home yesterday afternoon to pick up the boys from school. I had an amazing and wonderful 4 days teaching at New England Felting Supply. Chris White (Uniquely Felt author) and her husband, Mike, hosted me and made it feel much more like a vacation than work, I can tell you! To not have to cook for 6 days and come home to wine and cheese was a real treat, but the conversations with Mike and Chris were the best. My students were so wonderful and worked very hard! The time flew by and I can now look forward to returning in August for Karoliina Arvilommi's visit, November to take a felting lab with Chris and in April next year to teach again....so wonderful to have these dates to look forward to! I will post the work of my students on my website in the next few days. It was exciting to teach my landscapes for the first time as I was ready to pass on my tricks. To see their work come to life is so rewarding and to have happy students leave with beautiful work they have created ...nothing better. My husband and parents tag teamed the boys and they did more than fine. Lunches were made, dishes were washed, projects worked on and pancake festival attended. I'm a lucky woman to have such support. I have busy months ahead and hope the efforts don't wear thin! This teaching thing is pretty sweet...

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Arlenesfelt said...

I look forward one day to taking a workshop of yours. I especially love the landscapes you do. They are remarkable.

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time to relax
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