Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Productive day

My day started, as it always does, by taking the boys to school. I then popped into my friends for a quick chat and coffee. She makes great high-test coffee, so I was ready to go to work when I got home! I laid out a piece of silk that covered my big 7 foot table and my other (former machine) table. I did so with the intention of making a laminate wrap, which I did (AKA "nuno"- trying not to use that term). Of course, they never end up as large as I hope as it fulled almost 75%. I was then on a roll and put some wool down the centre of a lovely hemmed shot scarf I had bought on sale on Thai Silks. It came together so quickly, I decided to make a couple more for the tour. I have 2 laid out and mostly done rolling that I will continue tomorrow. One is black/purple and the other is a vivid Salmon colour. I laid a similar colour wool as well as ivory silk fibres, some tiny bits of white firestar and pink silk. It looks like a beautiful sea shell. I cannot wear this colour, but it would look great on the right person. I have lots of white silk and merino and I am still thinking and dreaming about dye pots. Before that happens I need to do some serious organizing of my dye area. Hmmm!

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Ginga Squid said...

Wow - I think I need some of your friend's coffee!

Can't wait to see some photos of your latest pieces....

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time to relax
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