Monday, September 7, 2009

Goofing Off

Design from Chad Alice Hagen's (fabulous) felted hat book - should have added ham slices and titled it "green eggs and ham"... now it's "green eggs and dots". Doesn't quite have the same ring.

Love this...can't wait to wear it! Made with a varigated merino from New England Felting Supply.

Pam commented on my last entry that she believes it is all about momentum. I tend to agree as I have spent the last day & 1/2 firing up the creative engine and getting ready to venture out creatively once again. My fuel has been giving myself permisson to play making a couple of fun little hats that I can wear this fall and winter to keep myself warm, slightly amused and impressed with myself. Of course, my youngest has laid claim to the little beret. I must make him one when the spirit moves me.

I laid out the base of the black hat before bed last night and woke up at 5:30 this morning anticipating adding the dots and wetting it all down. I was sensible enough to not get out of bed at that point, but that hat was on my dreamy mind.

The week after next I am headed to teach a woman who lives "by the sea" in Quebec...a long 12 hour train ride away. She has received a grant for me to come for 3 whole days to play. How great is that?! She is a talented milliner and while she is interested in 3d/vessels leaving the door open to all kinds of fun things, I decided I felt like making some hats to have some techniques fresh in the frontal lobe. I have done very little hat making, to be honest, I believe largely due to my inability to measure anything correctly. They are, however very, very fun to make. Deciding to make them instead of "work" was complete impulse, and absolutely the right thing to do...procrastination can be a beautiful thing.

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Tracy said...

Loving the hats so much...and your hair and tiny brades is just so cool too. Happy fall to you...a bit early, I know :)

Andrea Graham-Artist said...

Ha! I am shocked you noticed my tiny braids!

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