Tuesday, September 22, 2009

In Progress

Working on the newest landscape

Initial layout of the landscape

After a quick errand downtown to drop of a disk to my grant writer extraodinaire, Lindsey, I am now home to work on a landscape for the Silo Weavers Gallery. I had planned on laying out 3 and rolling them together, but was reminded after laying out one that that is just not how I work. Each piece must be started and finished before I begin another. I like to really live with one piece at a time and not divide my energy. I am the same with every piece including something that appears mundane and old-hat like scarves. Each piece demands my attention to every detail and creative energy. This results in a truly one of a kind that is a part of me, heart and soul.
My middle one is home with a cold today so he was nice enough to take the picture of me working. Quick lunch and back to work.
I have already worn a spot on my finger today and my work is just beginning. You would think I would build up callouses of some sort, but glad I have not or, perhaps, I would not be as sensitive to the changes in the wool under my hands. More later....happy creative days ahead...

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Unknown said...

This looks beautiful already, looking forward to more pics :))

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time to relax
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