Thursday, February 25, 2010

Been Shopping!

I have all 15 pieces labled, numbered, bubble wrapped where appropriate, ready to go to the gallery. Gallery, you ask? What gallery? Oh, do you have a show coming up, Andrea? Geez, you will all be happy when it is done. Then I can ramble on about something else! Delivery Saturday, photographer, Tracy Olan, shoots the show the next week and I will keep you informed about the possibility of a small catalogue. If you go to her site, make sure you turn on your sound.

On the drive home today, I was filled with the prospect of getting to play with some ideas. I do need to start preparing for my bags class at New England Felting Supply and I can "play" with some ideas while I do so, my samples will just end up...bags! I also bought an awesome, artsy Nanette Lapore dress (above) to wear to my opening and the take to Pittsburgh and want to make something special to go with it. I get all excited thinking about it! On that note...I am going to do some paper work so tomorrow I can play!

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Ginga Squid said...

LOVE that dress - its kind of retro but modern & funky at the same time!

Sweetpea said...

That little dress is ADORABLE! Nothing like a new frock to boost ones morale & confidence. Have a great show!

Hooked On Felt said...

You are going to look FAB in that dress.

Tracy said...

Love your new dress...

Getting excited about next week. Good butterflies...swriling in my tummy:)

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time to relax
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