Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Emperor's New Clothes

The above illustration is used with permission from the talented artist Ashley Smith .

I have been thinking about honesty. Honestly, I have. Am I the only one who has noticed that there is a lot of not-so-great felt work (and other craft) out there that people ooo and ahh over?
it leaves me confused!

I so often see work on-line that people have offered comments of support and encouragement but there is very little kind, constructive critique or discussion. It is not always wanted, mind you, so we need to tread lightly!

While it is nice to offer someone positive comments when they are truly genuine, it is a disservice to tell the emperor (or empress!) that their work is wonderful when you are not so sure it is. I am finding that legitimate praise is meaning less and less because it is offered so freely, with complete abandon! When I was a kid, 100% got a "good", maybe a smiley stamp or a (watch out!), check mark. I have typed and retyped this entry wondering what my point is...and I am not quite sure! This being said...I am grateful for all of your comments and your sincerity and you can know when I dish out a "good job" to you it comes complete with a smiley face :o) and it is from my heart.

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Robin Andreae said...

I totally agree. I usually only post about things I really like and don't otherwise. It's kind of a fine line about critique. I don't critique a work unless it's asked for.

Andrea Graham-Artist said...

I agree 100% about your critique comment...thanks Robin.

Cameron said...

Andrea, I do agree with you. I don't want untruth, it doesn't help anyone. I appreciate people who can give me good advice and be honest with me.

Ginga Squid said...

Yes I agree - I think its wrong to critique something unless its specifically asked for.

In my way of thinking, I reckon people post pictures on their blog/facebook etc as they are proud of what they have achieved.
I always try to look for something positive in what they have posted - even if its not to my 'taste' as a whole.
For example - the colours might really rock. Then its giving positive encouragement.

I know I really appreciate positive comments as I mainly only get negative ones here at home.

On the other end of the scale, I just got visited by someone who left extremely negative and quite personally abusive comments which made me feel very angry. I didn't realise it was a 'troll' until someone else explained.

jane thelwell said...

Andrea, I have started a group of people that work in clay that meets to offer critique to each other. It is supposed to be positive, and offered in response to questions from the maker. It is to help them progress on a body of work and to get them sincere feedback in a closed and friendly environment.
We are meeting next week. Would you like to come? (even if you work in fuzzy stuff not muddy stuff!) Jane

julietk said...

It is hard to say even a positive contructive critism to a person you do not know personally without fear of being thought a meanie or worse a Troll. If I like something I say so If I don't I just don't comment.
I would never fawn over something I didn't like or think was good.

Andrea Graham-Artist said...

Love the discussion. So many really valid comments and makes me consider my perspective. Thank you, thank you. And you, Jane! How wonderful! I will check my book.

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