Thursday, February 18, 2010


I have been working on the master list for the gallery show and really needed one more piece. I always have a sketch book handy and draw anytime I am waiting to meet a friend, pick up get the picture. These pieces evolved over the last few days. I like the long one, but was told it looked like a bowling alley (nix that one)

I began the day making some prefelt with c-1/pelsull and the "tails". Then I began the layout, some of which will be done after it is wet out.

To make the most efficient use of my hand-made prefelt, I cut paper templates and arranged them before cutting the felt. I was really excited to finish the layout, but, as I said, I will wet-out mid way. I do need to get this felted enough tomorrow that it can be moved as I have to get my studio set up and ready for a student on Saturday! I actuall thought today was Wednesday instead of Thursday...that's what happens when I get totally emersed! I'll keep you posted (of course!)

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Unknown said...

Very interesting Andrea. I love how you show your work from concept to finished. I chuckled at the 'bowling alley' comment. Don't you love the honesty of those close to you? I recently made some bracelets and my husband said they looked like watch straps. Sigh ... beauty is so subjective.

cedar said...

I too, love your generosity in sharing your process with all of us, very inspiring and I hope you sell everything, or at least have much rave reviews on it all. Great work.

Andrea Graham-Artist said...

Oh, Cedar! Selling work, what a novel idea. That would be nice! Thanks ;o)

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