Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Big Day in Montreal

View from the street of the Canadian Guild for Contemporary Craft in Montreal

My Momma (and business partner, cheerleader, shopping companion, etc!) at a charming Italian restaurant we had lunch at around the corner from the gallery.

My wonderful Mom and I toodled up to Montreal yesterday. Ya' know...I love Montreal and would really like to spend more time there and discover the city. I need to take along someone who knows the city or meet up with some of the people I have been in contact with there. I really do. In any case, as I was saying, Mom and I went up to take work to the Canadian Guild of Craft. The curator contacted me several months ago requesting an appointment to look at my work. The gallery was founded in 1906 (yes that is 1-9-0-6) and has a very fine and extensive Iunuit art collection. The space really knocked my socks off. I did not take pictures inside, of course, because I would have looked like the country mouse comin' to the big city, but I can tell you, it is the best of the best of fine craft in Canada. In the end, after all the unpacking, and discussion about each piece, they took nearly all of them...10 pieces. They are going to give them a try for several months and we shall see. I really hope the work is well received. Fingers crossed.
After we signed papers, shook hands and headed down the gallery steps, mom and had a nice little lunch at a resturant surrounded by wonderful shops and galleries. Nothing like a steak for lunch to celebrate. We people watched a bit (one of our favorite pastimes since I was a girl!) Such a cultured early part of our day ended with a digression as we stopped at Ikea to buy some things to spruce up one of my sons bedrooms...a great day all in all!
Today, the world is my oyster (no not slimy and fishy...but full of promise as to what it may hold)
as I have nothing (how can it be?) required of me today. Yes, I could starch little dresses...and I might...I could clean out a cupboard...and I might....or I could sit on my butt. The later is not likely, but knowing it is an option provides me with a certain degree of satisfaction. Rest assured, I will make the most of this fabulous day and I hope that you do too. Peace out.

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Unknown said...

Congratulations on having your art accepted by this wonderful gallery. I love Montreal ... my fav Canadian city. It's actually very easy to get around there .. the bus routes and Metro make sense, and you can get a bus/Metro pass for only a week at a nominal fee so makes for lots of exploring. The Botanical Gardens are a MUST SEE! I'm not kidding about that ... it's amazing! (allow a whole day for it .. huge place)

Anonymous said...

Wow! I wish I still live in Montreal to give you a ride in the city!
I am happy for you. Next time I go to Montreal, I will go to see your beautifull work.
Monique XXX

Anonymous said...

Ahh Andrea, you are making me homesick! I spent my first thirty years in Montreal. I had a great place in my 20s on Du Musee - just up the road from the gallery. Great memories. The last time I visited the guild gallery was on a trip about 5 years ago, they were featuring a felt artist..(can not think of her name) lots of wearables.
Hope you had a great time. Montreal is a city like no other.
and congrats on the acceptance of 10 pieces.. good for you!

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time to relax
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