Monday, June 21, 2010

Ready for labels and install!

Here they are on my studio wall. They will hang with more space around them, of course and will fill the small gallery/project room walls. 5 on each of the 2 long walls and three on the other wall, with "bad girl" in the middle. No special reason for 13 dresses, other than this piece was created for this space specifically.

Initially I had asked for exhibition fees and was told there were none left in the gallery budget (a university/public gallery situation). I then had to make a decision. Do I exhibit work for free (not to mention being out of pocket for materials and time) for the sake of bringing the piece I had long thought of making to exhibit? As a university gallery that exhibits professional artists work on a limited basis, is it fair for them to expect one to exhibit for free? I could say "no" and they would promptly fill the space without a second thought, which cheesed me off, so declining would not really send any message. I have wanted to make this piece, I said yes. When I went in to sign the contract, I was told money was found elsewhere and, voila, I would receive artist fees. Not sure what the lesson is. Maybe there is not a lesson and it was just dumb luck. I think that can happen, ya' know. I am not one of those people who is always seeking signs from above. Yes, I believe it does happen, as it has happened to me, but I prefer to keep my feet firmly on the ground. Unless I am creating, of course. It's just the pragmatist in me.

I am in Montreal on Friday to take work to the Canadian Guild of Craft, argueably the finest craft gallery in the country. I will pack up some sculptures (some of which I will be making this week) and meet with the director and curator. really looking forward to having a venue for these pieces. I have long thought that I needed just the right audience for these pieces, and I think this is it. Now, to print labels, get out the straight pins and pack up 13 little dresses.

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Unknown said...

Very cute and pretty. They just seem to make me smile. Getting much use out of your rolling machine? Rolling is my least favorite part of the process, but it's getting easier ... getting some arm muscles back again too.

Andrea Graham-Artist said...

I Have not plugged it in yet. The dresses may look "cute", bu the message of the installation is hopefully much more thought provoking

Unknown said...

My previous comment wasn't meant to trivialize your work, which is wonderful. The fact that you worked to keep them visually all the same but with such different labels certainly inspires thoughts of a deep and psychological nature.

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