Saturday, June 19, 2010

Progress on "Prophecy"

some of the dresses ready. I hung them on hangers to dry, but they will be attached directly to the wall at the gallery. I decided I prefered them to look like a child could be wearing them rather than hanging as if in a closet.

the last seven all laid out. I will roll them just a bit (10 min. total) and the rest of the time they will be worked on individually. I assembled them in assembly line fashion really only to keep them consistant. When they are all done, I will attach the labels, place a little tissue inside for transport and put them aside ready for install. Then...I get to make some bags!

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Maria Dent said...

These are wonderful!

GalaFilc said...

Nice all!

Unknown said...

Very nice Andrea. They look light and feminine. I love how you used the darker wool to simulate the gathers at the waist of the skirt. I'm looking forward to seeing more bags.

Andrea Graham-Artist said...

Those are silk fibres.

Unknown said...

Thanks for letting me know about the silk fibers. They're beautiful in the dresses.

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time to relax
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