Saturday, July 17, 2010

Catching up!

So sorry I have not posted in a bit! It is not because I have not been felting, because I have, I promise...just not anything exciting enough to shoot in process and share. I made an attempt at a throw/baby blanket for a friend and kind of did not commit to one or the other, so it ended up neither and will end up in my prefelt bin for incorporation in another piece, another time.

I also made a great little red and purple bag for the gallery that I will photograph and post before it gets sent out to the world. I currently have some magenta set up ready to wet-out to make some pre-felt for another bag design I have sketched. I was out with the boys at the "nerd store" on friday night while they played the card game they play and spent the time sketching. Very productive evening.

Today we went to the local country fair: bumper cars, poultry judging (some crazy looking chickens!) and the scrambler. What summer would be complete without it. We then went out the family cottage and had a BBQ and a quick dip. Early to bed, early to rise, for tomorrow, I felt!!

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time to relax
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