Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bitter Sweet

Hi All. I have been felting, yes. I came up yesterday from the studio to get my camera to take pictures for you, got side tracked and returned to the studio an hour later forgetting why I had gone upstairs in the first place. Such is my life. I have the strap for a final bag awaiting attention and decoration and it will be completed tonight (I get butterflies thinking about it- so crazy)

Yesterday my wonderful husband and (equally) wonderful brother-in-law brought by a new van for me to consider. Way beyond what I need...I just need something to get me through the next 8-10 years carting around my man-children and then I will be driving a small, gas efficient, little bomber that says "look at that crazy lady" (complete with a dog and his flapping jowls hanging out the window.)

That being said, the van was very nice, and what I will end up with-who knows. I will leave these serious financial matters to the holder of the big-purchase-purse-strings. I am the holder of the should-we-go-to-the-movies purse-strings.! I cleaned out my current ride, aka "rusty" (creative name, huh), and felt a bit nostalgic thinking of all the toppled ice cream cones, powdered donut sugar and ground in goldfishy crackers. I love my bumper sticker collection, a bit o' Einstein, telling the world I "eat, sleep, felt" and buy local. The nostalgia was fleeting however as I relished in the freedom a reliable vehicle promises, the fresh start, a new beginning...and a new collection of bumper stickers :o)

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chad alice hagen said...

So where DID you get those felt bumper stickers??

Sweetpea said...

Great post, Andrea...and can't wait to see how your NEXT bumper sticker collection develops!

p.s. ditto Chad: where DID you get those???

Andrea Graham-Artist said...

I spent some time this a.m. trying to locate where I got them! Can't find it, but I will!

BumbleVee said...

love the saying 'imagination is more important than knowledge'! How perfect!

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time to relax
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