Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Stuff


Front of new bag- c1/pellsul with harrisville wool details.

back of bag...handle not made yet.

I have been having such fun, just making what I feel like making and knowing I will have a home for it. This is the advantage of having fabulous galleries that are willing to blindly accept a box with my name on the return label, put in on their shelves and sell my stuff! I just made another bag that I love. I always love the last one made the best.
OH, and "edward"...funny story (not really, but bear with me), I had made some shapes to make some pods, but was inspired by the colours of the short fibre merino and he just evolved. Oh, how I looove this wool. Super smooth surface. Excellent for wet felted jewelry or vessels. You can get it here: New England Felting Supply I bought some full and half batts, but I also have some of the freaking fabulous sample kits with a bit of each colour which is super for small stuff and to get to see all the yummy colours. I am hooked. "edward" was my prototype (and was claimed prior to completion by my youngest) and now there will be lots of bugs to felt and appear on gallery shelves. At least, that is what I am having fun with today.
I will make a strap for the new bag and may have to either make it my own or felt another one quick that I will like better. No wonder I rarely have anything felted to wear! Such a vicious cycle!


Plastusia said...

Edward is lovely!!

Ginga Squid said...

Edward rocks! BTW he looks a bit like one of the bugs on the kiddies program "Miss Spiders Sunny Patch Friends" - which has some cool cartoon bugs!

Filz und Glas said...

I love your bags!! Thank you for showing them!

Andrea Graham-Artist said...

We had ms. Spiders ABC, will have to check it out for inspiration!

Twiglet said...

Fun blog today - love Edward!

primdollie said...

LOVE all your new bags and Edward is awesome!! I am certainly going to have to try the short fiber merino!! thnx for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Edward makes me want to run home to felt a bug....wonderful!

Andrea Graham-Artist said...

Do it! Go bugs! My little one (not so little) removed his legs so he could be cuddled! I ahve more on the go but have been busy packing for a weekend away!

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