Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December is here. Say what?

2 layers. Ready for pocket resist.

Adding some colour.

..and some "stuff".

resist is buckling. Time to cut it out.

the first cut is the deepest (or scariest)
December? Wasn't it just September or July or something. Craziness. I am totally low energy the last couple of days. I am battling a throat that is on fire and have not decided if I am going to sit for hours at the clinic. If I pretend, maybe it will go away.
I had a conference call Monday, so got a bag laid out and then took 2 more days to complete it. I am waiting for a wool order (inpatiently) that was placed weeks ago to start on my teapot for the Morgan Glass Gallery invitational show. I now only have 3 pieces to send to the Guild Shop in Toronto...2 bags and a yoga monster, but with samples to make for my artist in residence, should probably just ship 'em out.
I am taking the family out to the thea-tah this week. I am sure they will complain, they always do, but I am hoping when they are all grown up they wiil appreciate all the live music and culture I have forced on them!
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vilterietje said...

thanks for the tutorial, great bag!
good health for you and lots of energy. love, riet:)

Plastusia said...

Great tutorial and beautiful bag.

Patty Biermans said...

Like the tutorial! And the bag even more. I hope that you have enjoyd your thea-tah. What is that anyway? Sounds like something "english". Please let me know because i'm very curious. Huggs.. Peebee

Sarah Payne said...

the bag is beautiful - such lovely colours. Hope you get fitting fit again soon!

Spiral Dyed Downunder said...

oh oh oh, I can't work it out. How come there are two sides laid out but it looks seamless? I must be on satellite time or there is lag between me and the computer...
Love the colors and the bag.

wollkisterl said...

Oh, your toutorial is very great. Its interessting to see, how to work you. Thanks for this beautiful post,
love Elke

Unknown said...

Why 2 separate sides?

Andrea Graham-Artist said...

In between the 2 sides is a plastic resist to create a hollow for for a bag

time to relax

time to relax
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