Monday, December 27, 2010


Will she remember?

on the back...

Work? Play? Where does one begin and the other end? I am really not sure. When it comes to felting, it is always both. I made 2 simple treasures yesterday, toyed around with the idea of keeping them for myself, as I often do, but know today that they will be sent off to others. One a gift for the most lovely friend ever, the other, a long over-due commission to another dear friend, who is likely to have forgotten the request.

The house is quiet. We have settled easily into the holiday routine of indulgent, late nights and lingering in our warm beds a little too long in the morning. I peer, now and again, at the Artist in Residence schedule on my desk as though it is something long in the future. My time in the studio yesterday was completely unplanned and spontaneous. The next few days involve a little maintenance and repair in my studio so perhaps it was my subconscious fitting in some wool time while I can.

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vilterietje said...

both scarve and purse are to die for, you can see the joy of making them. love,riet:)

Patty Biermans said...

I'm very impressed, especially the backside of the little purse. I agree with Vilterietje, you can see the joy you have in making them. Hugzz...Peebee

time to relax

time to relax
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