Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What's New

My Bubble Wrap delivery!

Finished bag...cute outer pocket.

New bag

Check the shrinkage!

Prior to felting...

Not sure why my days have been so short. I could have used that extra hour every day (and then some). I shipped out lots of work to the guild shop and have made another "Urban Monster" (Yoga Monster) I will post images of her on the next post. I did make the above bag over the last couple of days and was playing with a different design to shake things up and keep life interesting, because, you know, life is never interesting (yes, sarcasim). I really like it. It is very wearable and functional with pockets in and out. It is c-1/Pelsull and the top layer is corriedale. I am oddly attached to this one, perhaps it will remain mine or it will be gifted to someone special.
I am getting materials and equipment ready for my artist in residency and received my roll of bubble wrap today! Glad it is not raining!

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Unknown said...

That bag is wonderful Andera! The outside pocket flap ... is that a piece of wonderful silk under the wool? (or how did you get that intricate design?) There's nothing about this bag I don't love .. the top shape is so functional and cool. Well done ... true perfection.

vilterietje said...

oh andrea, what a fantastic bag! love it very much an especially the way yoy created the outer pocket! love, riet:)

Tricks said...

Hi Andrea,
Only just discovered your site and so glad that I did, I must say that you are an extremely talented feltmaker; of real distinction. Love all your work but that bag is just sooooo wonderful and yes how did you create that wonderful design on the front? I shall come back again for sure. Regards Tricia

Klara said...

This is realy special! I admire all the details and work that you've put into this project. I realy love it.

Patty Biermans said...

Hi Andrea, just like everybody else...looooooove the bag!!! About the shrinkage... is that really that much? Greetings....Peebee

Dawn Edwards/Felt So Right said...

Good morning Andrea,

Yes, I believe I would keep this bag, too...I love it!

Is the bubblewrap that is pictured the 4' wide type? I don't know what you paid for it, but I found a great site for the wider wrap at what I thought was a really good price. Let me know if you're ever interested (though it looks like that should last for awhile:-)

Have a great day!


Andrea Graham-Artist said...

Thanks all! The bag design is very functional. I took it to a meeting last night. The flap is a woven silk over the wool. I have lots to do today, but will make a couple others with this design. The rope handles weren't too bad to make because they are short! I left the resist open where I attached/felted them in...and yes, Youare not done until you get that kind of shrinkage!

FeltersJourney said...

Love this bag Andrea! It would HAVE to be a keeper :D

Maui Folksy Studio said...

Could you tell me a good online source for very wide bubble wrap?

Thank you!

PS love your work!

Maui Folksy Studio said...

I would love to know where yo get bubble wrap that wide.

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time to relax
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