Friday, December 17, 2010

House Clean

Just looking at this makes me breathe deeply.
As the holiday approaches (and all the days preceding, frankly) I am wishing I could purge all surfaces, hidden spaces, and those cupboards that you close real fast, of all extraneous matter that clutters up my subconscious head space. It all really makes me crazy. Living in a house with many others requires great patience and hope that, at some point, I will have a minimalist space. The studio does not count, of course. I think I will, however, make it a resolution to transform my studio space to a more peaceful, zen space. This will require the installation of a door, however!

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chad alice hagen said...

Is that your house????

vilterietje said...

i do hope this is not your house, it looks like a magazine picture haha, love, riet:)

Ginga Squid said...

I have a similar sort of image in my head that I retreat to at times! Bliss.

Patty Biermans said...

uI agree with the others: is this your house??? Great space!! I have discoverd this week something. I was looking in a book that I bought and there was a whole chaptare about YOU!! I love it... the book is called "uniquely felt". You give me inspiration. Hugzzz....Peebee

Andrea Graham-Artist said...

Ha! Soooo not my house :o).

artybecca said...

I, too, have a secret dream of a minimalist house because it's so far from reality for me. However, I am sure people with minimalist homes are not people who make stuff -- where are all their art supplies and tools and found objects they're going to turn into something else someday? :o)

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time to relax
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