Saturday, January 1, 2011


Kevin Bacon in Footloose

A part of my spirit longs to be foot loose and fancy free. To wake each day with a stretch, birds singing beyond my window, and have the ability to carve each day as I make my way through it without considering where it will end. While this is a romantic notion, I also know that it would drive me crazy.

Perhaps this is where balance comes in. My life seems to have vast blocks of one or the other. Scheduling "unscheduled time" seems like a contradiction, but I begin my year with blocking out big spots of time to come up for air.
I bid 2010 adieu, with all it's hairs and warts (2011 currently promises to shave and pluck) and have things to look forward to in the New Year as well as a wish list to begin to plan:
-Artist-Educator in Residence at Queen's University
-Work traveling Europe with The Climate is Changing
-Work traveling US with FiberArt International
-Another child becomes a teen while one begins to drive
- Teaching at New England Felting Supply
-Invitational shows in Pittsburgh and Boston
-begin to develop a new body of work
-submit work for the Agnes Etherington Art Lending bank.
-book a couple of more teaching gigs (U.S. likely)
- A trip to Europe- teach? Visit? Both?
-Exhibition research
-develop a new body of work

Lets see how that goes for starters. Happy New Year to you all. Make it count.
"I just don't know if I believe in everything that you believe in. But I believe in you." footloose
(good one, huh?)

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vilterietje said...

hope all your wishes come true! and...if you are in europe, maybe we can meet? love, riet:)

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time to relax
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