Saturday, May 7, 2011

Finally Warm Enough

Detail: Icelandic (luster!)

The beast!

Like a big Chunk out of the bag!

Tunis (sheered all nice in one piece! :o))


All winter I have had a stash of raw fleece in the gargage, a.) because it may have beasties in it b.) it has dirt in it, and c.) It stinks. I must felt these outdoors but I am still being a whimp and will felt them in the garage. Last time I tried to do this in my studio, I had poopy water all over my floor. Not so nice. However, the fleece are lovely. The "white", which is far from white at this point, is a local Tunis fleece. I have another whole Tunis that I had processed into a batt to make a base to lay the raw Tunis on top for a rug.

The other black "blob" came out of the bag like it was molded to it. It is an old fleece from a prized flock of Icelandic sheep decendant from the first Icelandics to come to North America, bought right from the original source. It is BIG, and lusterous, and matted, so will need some TLC and carefull separation of locks to create a lovely rug. I just need to decide what base to make for this baby. I could do Karakul, but it is so "grabby", I would loose my hanging locks. Romney is too stubborn for such a large piece (even though, I must admit, this would make a sturdy perfect base, If I was willing) I have a big grey batt of "mixed breed" that is fairly course and, now that I think of it, will use it and layer in some merino to assist in the wet-out and getting the layers friendly :o).

Decisions made and all the hard work (and fun!) to follow!


vilterietje said...

a lot of work:)

Andrea Graham-Artist said...

a piece of cake!

Meagan said...

Love it! I have a few rugs in the works with my "garbage bag stash" of raw wool as well. Also purses- lots of hairy purses! I've made one already and LOVE it. Raw wool is so satisfying. Enjoy!

Andrea Graham-Artist said...

Yes, Meagan...I think a bag is called for in my case, as well!

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time to relax
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